Virtual Datto appliance for VMware Setup - Getting Started


This article describes the process to download your virtual Datto appliance and set up datastore provisioning on VMware to an instance of SIRIS. This is the first of four overall steps to set up a SIRIS on VMware.


  • Datto Virtual SIRIS


Before deploying your virtual appliance, review Datto's Networking Requirements. Make sure that your virtual appliance has all of the necessary access to communicate with the Datto Cloud.


Download the OVA.

Virtual Datto appliances need at least two virtual disks: a 30GB disk containing the appliance's operating system, and a storage disk equal to the size of the appliance that was purchased. These virtual disks can live on the same datastore, or can be placed on separate datastores. You can create a new datastore, or use an existing one with sufficient space. This articles guides you through the creation of a single datastore to hold both the 30 GB appliance disk and the storage disk.

If you have already provisioned a datastore for the virtual appliance, proceed to the next step, Deploy OVA.

Follow these steps to perform the datastore provisioning in VMware:

  1. Open the vSphere Client, and sign into the ESXi host or vCenter server.
  2. Click on the ESXi host's Configuration tab, and click the Storage link on the left side of the page. Then, click Add Storage...
  3. In the Select Storage Type dialog box, choose Disk/LUN, and then click Next.
  4. Choose the Disk/LUN to use for the datastore. It can be a LUN from a SAN or a local disk on the ESXi host. Then, click Next.
  5. Set the file system version to VMFS-5.
  6. You will see the Current Disk Layout. Verify that the information is correct and the proper disk has been selected. Then, click Next.
  7. Give the datastore a name, and click Next.
  8. For the Capacity, choose the size of the datastore. Then, click Next.
  9. Proceed to the next step: Virtual Appliance on VMware Setup Deploy OVA